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Askeli Travel Agency
1) Athens Airport - Taxi or Bus to Piraeus - Fly Dolphin or Ferryboat - Poros.

When you arrive at the airport of Athens ''Eleftherios Venizelos'' take a taxi or the bus to Piraeus main harbour, then get on a Flying Dolphin Hydrofoil (one hour to reach the island of Poros) or the Ferryboat (two hours to reach the island of Poros ).

2) Organized Transfer to Piraeus.

Or we can organize for you a transfer from the Airport to Piraeus port
3) Athens Airport - Corinth - New Epidauros - Galatas
- Ferry Boat - Poros

From the Athens airport we can arrange for you to take a car or a taxi to bring you direct to the Island, you drive to Korinth then to New Epidaurus town then take the road on your right to Galatas-Poros, once arrive to Galatas take the Ferryboat to the island Poros

4) Patras - Corinth - New Epidauros - Galatas - Ferryboat - Poros

When you arrive in Patras from Europe take the highway to Athens, when you arrive in Corinth before the Canal of Corinth take the direction to Epidaurus after the New Epidaurus city on your right direction Galatas-Poros when you will arrive to Galatas take the local Ferry Boat (five minutes) to the island of Poros.

The island is thickly wooded Island lying just off the Peloponnesian mainland township of Galatas, sunny, peaceful and quiet.
Poros in fact is made up of two islands, linked for ages past by a narrow neck of land.
One is Calavria, with lush vegetation and the other Sphaeria on which the town of Poros is built amphitheatrically
The entrance to Poros harbour reveals a bustling waterfront lined with cafes, bars and restaurants and a host of small boats which ferry a constant stream of passengers across the narrow landlocked straits to Galatas and the Lemonodassos • lemongrove • on to the opposite mainland shore or to the Monastery and the lovely Askeli and Neorio beaches on to the island itself.
From Galatas one can go to the small village of Trizina close to which lies the remains of ancient Trizina, the legendary birthplace of Thesseus.
Also from Galatas, good road leads to Epidaurus and to Nauplio. Back on the island of Poros, the monastery of Calavria, tucked in among the pine trees, offers an attractive opportunity for an excursion.
Another interesting local trip can be made to the sanctuary of Poseidon near Calavria, a traditional heaven for shipwrecked mariners and fugitives to wich the ancient Athenian orator Demosthenes fled for refuge and then poisoned himself in 322 B.C.
At night Poros offers a halfway house between tourism and the traditional way of life.
It is possible to find an unchanged waterfront tavern or a lively bar or a modern Disco.
Poros Is for everyone.
Access to Poros is by regular ferries or by flying dolphins.
The distance from Pireaus is 31 miles.

How to get to Poros